Название книги: Surgical Wound Healing and Management


Surgical Wound Healing and Management, Second Edition
explores the critical role of surgery in wound bed preparation and management, and provides a sound knowledge of wound mechanisms, physiology, and metabolic control. Founded on the expertise of internationally recognized authorities, this source illustrates the many techniques utilized by surgeons to design optimal healing environments, maximize the efficacy of existing treatment modalities, and extract bacteria from a variety of wound situations resulting from burns, trauma, and disease.
This new edition includes:In-depth examinations of a variety of clinical situationsFull colour photographsNew approaches to treat difficult-to-heal wounds, now including the open abdomen and SSIsNew chapters on "Advanced Therapies," "The Role of Negative Pressure on Wound Therapy," "Wound Dressings for Surgeons," and "The Impact of Telemedicine in Wound Management."

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